The magic of milk

Why is it special?

Milk is a complex collection of ingredients designed specifically to ‘communicate’ to the calf. It does several critical jobs:

These objectives are predominantly delivered by bioactive components which are at their highest in colostrum, but present at lower levels in milk. They make a positive difference to the outcome of the calf – to help programme it for long term success.

Whey protein – fundamental for calf programming

Whey contains very high levels of the programming material needed for this development.

Concentrated goodness

Imunopro® is a rich in valuable material for the calf and we are experts in retaining this goodness

We take the goodness of milk and concentrate it. A combination of filtered, evaporated and gently sorted milk constituents are collected at low temperature from whey.

These include:

Proteins, Fats and Sugars, resulting in a highly nutritious bioactive complex known as Imunopro®.

This unique process captures the goodness of milk, for the benefit of the calf.

Imunopro® is unique to Volac and we are believe that we capture the magic of milk.

We formulate for performance

We take Imunopro and then balance the Proteins, Fats and Sugars required for the needs of the calf.

We ensure the right amino acids profiles to drive a targeted growth level.

We add Butyrate to fill the fatty acid gap left behind by vegetable proteins.

Butyrate is very valuable to the calf. It has been shown to:

  • Drive gut blood flow and villi growth

  • Promote water absorption

  • Stimulate enzyme secretion

  • Improving digestive performance