June Webinar: Be confident in a switch to whey for your calves

June Webinar: Be confident in a switch to whey for your calves

In case you missed it, or if you'd like to refer back, you can watch the full recording of our webinar with Volac's Research Scientist, Dr Jessica Cooke, and Global Technical Manager, Ian Watson, which focuses on the importance of liquid whey processing, Volac Imunopro®, and what the benefits are to your herd.

More on our speakers...

Dr Jessica Cooke - Research Scientist with Volac

With almost 10 years’ experience in research and development for Volac’s young animal products, Jessica is involved first-hand in the latest scientific research behind the innovations process for product development. She also designs feeding programs for calves and provides feed advice to achieve best practice on farm. Sharing the latest research on protein composition in calf milk replacers which, Volac are proud to say, has recently been published in the British Society of Animal Science annual conference proceedings.

Jessica grew up on a mixed farm and has always had a keen interest in sustainable farming and animal/livestock science. She also attains a PhD from the Royal Veterinary College London.

Ian Watson - Global Technical Manager at Volac

Ian is responsible for the specifications and formulations of the milk replacers at Volac to ensure optimum calf and lamb performance from the products.

Ian joined the webinar live from his garden office (for this please read ‘shed’) and was happy to discuss the differences between Volac Imunopro® and other whey based ingredients, how these can differ and the impact they in turn have on calf health and performance.

Published on: 18 June 2020

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