WEBINAR: The Dairy Heifer – from Conception to Weaning

WEBINAR: The Dairy Heifer – from Conception to Weaning

A must-attend event for anybody who wants to improve calf health, development and productivity on the farm, our webinar will explore everything from the ideal calf nutrition to fine tuning calf health, and tools and technology that can help you to make more informed breeding decisions.

We’ll be joined by a collection of experts who will be sharing their own advice and insights into improving efficiency on the farm. Don’t forget to register HERE


RUDOLPH LINDE: Global Business Development Manager, Cogent on informative breeding decisions for maximum genetic gain and increased profitability.

From growing up on a large-scale farming enterprise in South Africa, to spending 10 years working in the bovine genetics industry in New Zealand, to his role at Cogent, it’s fair to say that Rudolph Lunde has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to breeding.

He’ll be joining our webinar to share his insights on genetics, identifying heifers from a young age and selecting the most profitable breeding partners. We’re also looking forward to hearing him talk about future technologies that Cogent will be bringing to the market in the near future.

DR JESSICA COOKE: Research Scientist, Volac on calf nutrition during the milk feeding. This is with a focus on the benefits that feeding more mlk has on growth and health as well as long term development.

Dr Jessica Cooke is one of our very own Research Scientists here at Volac. Her role primarily focuses on young animal research and development, and using this science within Volac’s innovations and product development, as well as helping to develop the most up-to-date best practices for rearing youngstock on the farm.

During our webinar, she’ll be sharing her knowledge on calf nutrition during the milk-feeding process, with a particular focus on how feeding more milk can benefit calf growth, health, and long-term development.

DR AILSA MILNES: Ruminant Vet Advisor, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health on fine tuning calf health

Dr Ailsa Milnes: “The period of early calf life is critical to get calves off to a flying start and ensure healthy and productive calves. By providing the best possible setup and system we can improve the calf’s resilience to disease and push the balance in favour of the calf. Reviewing your system and making changes is part of getting things right – through continuous improvement.  That’s the theory behind Boehringer’s Fine Tuning Campaign.”

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health’s goal is to provide advanced, preventative animal healthcare, as well as developing smart and effective solutions for raising animals. As part of her animal health research, she has conducted nationwide surveys and analysis, such as the #CalfMatters survey and Fine Tuning Campaign.

During our webinar, Dr Ailsa will be helping us to understand how to fine tune calf health for happier and healthier calves.

Don’t forget to register HERE to hear the whole thing.


Published on: 03 February 2021

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