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Feeding for Growth

The first three months of a calf’s life are crucial; they help determine its future health, growth and performance – a critical phase often overlooked.


Calf growth triangle


Throughout the programme you will hear about the ‘calf growth triangle’, seen here, which concentrates on the three key aspects of a young calf’s life – health, nutrition and environment. These areas have a direct effect on its later performance.

Average UK dairy cow performance

Number of lactations.

Milk yield per
dairy cow.

Age at first calving.

 Of live born heifers fail to make lactation 3.

 A 40% improvement will be seen in all key areas if age at first calving is reduced from 30 to 24 months.

More lactations

More profit

Improved fertility

Improved longevity

Getting better results

We know that every farm is different, but with just a few pieces of farm data and by using our resources and tools, we can help you set targets and achieve better results than ever before.

Understand the opportunity and how to achieve it.

Plan your targets and how to accomplish them.

Manage the FFG programme and monitor the outcome.

Review, learn and adjust if necessary.

Don’t just take our word for it, the figures speak for themselves.
A dairy cow is currently averaging:

Sources: NMR data, RVC Study

How do you feed your calves?

Select the feeding system you use and see how the

Feed for Growth Programme can help your farm business.


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